"A vibrant story of a brilliant and industrious woman."

- Kirkus Reviews

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Tech Executive, #1 Bestselling Author, Board Director

Author of Award-winning Book:

A Memoir of Disability, Perseverance, and Success


To those who are underprivileged and invisible, yet still giving everything to reach their full potential, with dreams and goals.

To those who have been wronged and undervalued, yet still chasing relentlessly for what is right and fair, with faith and confidence.

To those who feel desperate and hopeless, yet still fighting against all the odds with even a slim chance of winning, with courage and perseverance.

To those who are fighters and dreamers, believing someday you may reach the impossible.

May this book give you the strength and inspiration, limping forward during your darkest moments.

Love and Strength,

Libo Cao Meyers

Book Excerpt:

I fight the fight I believe in, and I keep limping forward on the road I chose to be on, no matter how many bruises and scars I am left with. When I am told "no", I make my own "yes."

"No, you won't be admitted to college and study the major you want. Those are for 'complete' talents, and you are disabled with polio."

So I went to a college and completed a four-year college in three years, aiming for more advanced education.

"No, you can't go abroad due to your disability. You need to be taken care of and stay where you belong."

So I went to the other side of the globe, a totally different country, limping forward to stand on my own.

"No, you can't possibly complete a Ph.D. in one major and a master's degree in a totally different area! Nobody has ever done that, and you will fail in both."

So I pursued a Ph.D. in Chemometrics and a master's degree in Computer Science, completing both in 3.5 years.

"No, you can't participate in sports or be an athlete because of your polio leg!"

So I completed a 100-mile bike ride, racing against 50 mph wind for 11.5 hours with the strength of one leg.

"No, you can't find your dream man to marry. You need to lower your expectations and settle for what you can get."

So I developed a scientific approach with machine learning models for dating, found the man of my dreams after the 82nd attempt, and married him... without lowering any of my expectations.

"No, you can't excel in Silicon Valley. It's a man's world."

So I became a high-tech executive at Apple, and I kept learning, growing, and leaping forward to my next set of goals...


Innovative global technology leader who empowers organizations with expansive insights, strategic foresight, and holistic thinking.

Apple (2011-present, Senior Director of Engineering)

Built multiple organizations from ground up and responsible for business development and technical domains of cloud services, machine learning platforms and services, compute platforms and apps, infrastructure SW for AI products. 

With a history of leadership across diverse engineering teams at Apple, Libo played pivotal roles in delivering Apple products enriched with location, motion, and fitness/health technologies in iOS/watchOS/macOS/tvOS.

Work Before Apple (2004-2011)

Libo has worked in various consumer-based technology companies in Silicon Valley that are in the domains of semiconductor, manufacturing, automation, maps and navigation, mobile apps, and cloud services.



Libo boasts an extensive portfolio of patents and published papers/articles spanning diverse domains, including consumer electronic device technologies, machine learning algorithms, intelligent instrument applications, and data-intensive cloud technologies.

Board Experience


Smile to life, no matter what it has to offer!

Libo grew up in Northern China and came to the United States more than two decades ago as an immigrant to pursue her graduate studies. After accomplishing dual graduate degrees in just 3.5 years, she quickly immersed herself in Silicon Valley's dynamic landscape, captivated by its culture of innovation.

Libo's professional path is distinguished by her fervent passion for crafting products that enrich lives and empower individuals to unlock their full potential through impactful services.

Libo cherishes her Asian heritage and powers her life with determination, growth, and love. Libo was born in the year of Dragon, and named "曹力波", which means "Strong Tide" in Chinese. 

In her spare time, she spends time with her husband and two sons in Northern California, building beautiful memories and experiencing this great life.